CloudFile Overview


Neovan CloudFile allows you to securely send and receive large or sensitive files via email or the Web. CloudFile is incredibly easy to use and totally secure, making it simple and safe to communicate with your customers, business partners, and colleagues around the world.

Send Large Files

Send files directly from your Web browser, or from your email client via an easy-to-use Outlook client plugin. Recipients get an email with links to download the files that were sent. CloudFile can deliver very large files up to 2GB in size.

File Tracking and Monitoring

Every file that you send is tracked by CloudFile. You can view your file tracking audit trail from your CloudFile account online. And you can get an email notification each time a file is downloaded, so you know whether your recipient got the files you sent.

File Transfer Security

All accounts are password protected, whether you access the service from your Web browser or email client. All file uploads and downloads are done via encrypted 128-bit SSL connections to ensure security of files in transit, and all files on the CloudFile servers are stored encrypted. In addition, the Neovan CloudFile servers are hosted at SAS70 Type II certified data centers, with strong operational performance and security controls in place to safeguard customer data.

Cost-Effective Cloud Computing Platform

By subscribing to Neovan CloudFile, organizations avoid the cost and trouble of buying their own software and computers, setting up a system, and keeping it running and growing over time. And many organizations value the ability to convert capital expenditures into periodic operating expenses that match their business activities, and can be turned on or off at will with a subscription "pay as you go" model.

CloudFile Professional

CloudFile Professional is designed for employees who need to exchange large files to get their work done.