FTP Challenges

As organizations look for better, easier ways to exchange files with customers, partners and colleagues, they often turn to FTP (literally “File Transfer Protocol”). FTP has been used by network engineers and systems administrators since the early days of the Internet to send files back and forth between remote computer systems. And because FTP is widely available for "free", it's found its way into organizations of every size and type.

But FTP was not designed to be an end-user application, nor was it designed with security as a prime objective. And organizations that build out an FTP server infrastructure soon find out that its not really "free" either. As a result, there are some significant limitations on the use of FTP, and many organizations disallow its use altogether.

FTP Is Complex To Use and Manage

Because of the amount of on-going administration, user provisioning, support and maintenance required, most IT organizations resist setting up FTP servers and accounts for non-technical business users:

The result of this complexity is, of course, high costs. For every "free" piece of FTP server software in use, there is significant cost overhead from the operating system, server hardware, data center rackspace, Internet bandwidth, and system administration that is needed to support it.

FTP Is A Security Nightmare

FTP was invented back in the 1970’s, in a time when users were all part of a trusted government or university network. It was not built for the modern Internet with the need to protect sensitive information and systems from malicious hackers and information thieves.

How Neovan Helps

Neovan CloudFile provides a secure large file transfer capability that users can access from their Web browser or an email client plugin. This easy-to-use system enables users to exchange files with customers, partners and colleagues without having to resort to out-of-band file transfer alternatives. And Neovan is easy to use and manage, backed up by enterprise-class network and information security.

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File Transfer Challenges

Enterprises face a growing set of challenges in exchanging files with customers, partners, and colleagues:

Email File Attachment Limits

FTP Security and Complexity

Regulatory Compliance

Data Leak Prevention

"High profile FTP data and file breaches have underscored the need to update basic FTP. Many organizations are still unaware or simply do not want to acknowledge the risks involved with this aging technology transporting important data in and out of their company."