Regulatory Compliance

Information - The World’s New Currency

Information has become the world’s new currency, and more and more enterprises find themselves exchanging files that contain private or confidential information. But a growing number of high profile incidents in which customer records, employee information, and intellectual property have been leaked, lost, or stolen have driven government and industry organizations to put in place stringent new security and privacy regulations. These regulations require organizations to protect the integrity of customer and employee personal information and corporate digital assets by encrypting and controlling data in motion and data at rest. Some of these regulations include:

How Neovan Helps

Neovan CloudFile helps regulated organizations protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information in their control by ensuring that transferred data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. In addition, Neovan Cloudfile provides a detailed audit trail for every file transfer, so that organizations can prove that their infrastructure is in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

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File Transfer Challenges

Enterprises face a growing set of challenges in exchanging files with customers, partners, and colleagues:

Email File Attachment Limits

FTP Security and Cost

Regulatory Compliance

Data Leak Prevention

"The cost of compliance will grow with each new regulation, especially if the IT organization institutes a separate set of controls for each. Many organizations are looking to meet multiple regulatory requirements with a single set of controls, thus lowering costs."
   - Gartner