Neovan CloudFile

Send, Receive and Track Large Files

• Send and receive files up to 2GB

• Secure transfer over 128-bit SSL

• File tracking and audit trail

• File delivery notification

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What Is CloudFile?

Send Large Files

Neovan CloudFile allows users to send and receive files of ANY size via email or the Web.

Secure Business Communications

CloudFile is totally secure, making it simple and safe to communicate with your customers, partners, and colleagues around the world.

Scalable Cloud Service

CloudFile is offered as a scalable Cloud service, saving your IT team time and money.

File Transfer Challenges

Email File Attachment Limits

Most email systems have a 5-10MB limit on the size of file attachments... more

FTP Security and Cost

FTP servers are unsecure, administration-intensive sink holes... more

Regulatory Compliance


Data Leak Prevention

Data breach exposure from unmanaged file transfers is significant... more